The opportunity of Professional Trading for Managers

  • Our PAMM service provides a feature-packed, easy-to-use, and powerful asset management solution which allows managers to effectively grow their client base. The software allows any MetaTrader 5 account to become a strategy provider and trade on behalf of an unlimited number of investor accounts.

  • For traders, PAMM accounts provide an opportunity to have access to more capital, increasing the chance for higher profits and ensuring them greater flexibility to work in the global financial markets.


The chance of a lifetime for investors


The PAMM accounts simplify the entire investment procedure, as they minimize risks.

Why invest in one strategy from one manager when you can invest in five, ten, or even 15 traders and diversify your risk?
One or more may lose money, whereas successful ones will profit and compensate for the losses.


Private and public accounts

Our platform by default has a leaderboard of master accounts.


A statistics page for every account

Each account in PAMM has its own statistics page featuring a big chart and different parameters to help investors better analyze the strategy of a trader before investing.


Profits are paid automatically

PAMM-account earnings are paid automatically to each investor, so you do not have to worry about it.


Unlimited Access

Investors have access to real-time trading information via a MetaTrader 5 account or through the Client Area.


Withdrawals are smooth and easy

The investor has the right to withdraw his/her investments from the PAMM account. The manager cannot prevent the investor from withdrawing his/her capital at any time.


Manager opens a PAMM account, deposits and starts trading. Account's statics are collected to check by investors.


Investor deposits 1000 USD into PAMM Account.


Manager continues trading and profits 2000 USD


Investor pay fees from profits made on PAMM Account


Investor withdraws his profit made on PAMM Account

PAMM Account F.A.Q

What are PAMM accounts?

Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) is a sort of pooled money Forex trading in which investors collect their money with a professional trader (Manager) who buys and sells financial instruments on their behalf.

How does a PAMM account work?

First, a manager opens an account and funds a part of his investment as the manager’s capital. The manager is unable to request a withdrawal from this capital, which aim to guarantee potential investors that the account will be managed responsibly.

The manager then advertises the performance of his/her trading account, along with the conditions they are offering other investors who want to join – for instance, how much of the profits the manager will retain for trading on behalf of the investor.

What are the advantages of PAMM accounts for managers?

For successful traders, the advantages of a PAMM account are obvious.

PAMM Account provides managers with the opportunity to act as account managers, making profits not only off their own money but off the trades they execute on behalf of their investors.

They are also able to set their own conditions – which investors must obviously sign up for – giving them a degree of control over the trading conditions, such as how profits are distributed and what the trading period is. Because the funds are distributed automatically, this also precludes any risk for the account manager arising from fraud on behalf of the investors.

What are the advantages of PAMM accounts for investors?

For investors, contributing to a PAMM account has multiple advantages.

Such as, they take advantage of the trading specialty of successful managers.

Secondly, they can withdraw from the PAMM at any time if they are unsatisfied with how the account manager is performing.

Thirdly, they can diversify their investments across multiple PAMM Accounts, reducing risk.

Finally, they are also protected from fraud because of the automatic fund distribution mechanism.

How do I open and activate a PAMM account?

A PAMM Account manager can control the funds of other investors, earning a percent of any profit on the account, depending upon the success of their trading.

To create your own PAMM Account:

  • • Log in to LCM FX.
  • • From the main menu, click "Become PAMM Manager" and fill in the blanks
  • • When you open a PAMM Account, you should choose whether you would like it to be public or private.
  • • After your request is approved, you can start to trade.

Please note that, The PAMM Account is activated when you make your first deposit to the account.

Does a Manager need to close positions when his clients make deposits and withdrawals?

No, Manager can accept money anytime and any day with opened positions.

Can an Investor trade on his investment account?

Investors can trade on their live trading accounts.

What is Rollover?

Rollover is a routine procedure for PAMM accounts when trading results are updated and published. During the rollover:

All fees are calculated and paid to the Manager.

Assignment and revocation requests are processed during rollover.

The Manager sets the rollover time.

What is a public and private PAMM Account?

When managers open a PAMM Account, they must choose whether the account will be public or private. It is not possible to change the status of a PAMM Account after it has been created.

Public PAMM Accounts appear in the PAMM Accounts ratings on our site. When this type of account is opened.

Account, you Before you can register a public PAMM will need to be registered in the LCM FX. The public PAMM Account is designed for managers who wish to actively seek investment.

Payment Methods


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